Friday, January 16, 2009

Killing Us Softly

The movie we've been watching in class, Killing Us Softly, I've enjoyed. I agree a lot with what the woman has to say about how the media portrays women and men. I think women get a lot more crap about body image and their role in the house. Women I feel are more of a target than men. So overall I enjoyed the video and think that it helped the boys in our class get a look at the pressures we face from the media as women.

Again I'm aware of my Race

I was born white. I've grown up in McFarland where there is hardly any diversity within the community and I think that has all helped me to become more stereotypically white.

But when I was born, my family lived in Fitchburg. The neighborhood had a bit of violence and wasn't the safest. So my family decided to move around the time I turned four. Today the neighborhood is known for crime and I feel unsafe just driving through it. The homes are barely taken care of and the cars are mostly junkers. A lot of people who in my opinion look sketchy are roaming the streets and there is a cop car on every corner.

I consistently wonder what I may have been like if I still lived there. Would I have taken on the role of a "ghetto" person. I don't know but it's something to think about if I wouldn't have the stereotypical white person personality.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girls usually conform

The past few days in class we've been discussing how girls and guys may conform to fit in during certain situations. And I don't necessarly think it's conforming, but more of attitude change when you're in certain situations. At work you could change you attitude to be more respectful and curtious of bosses, coworkers, custumers, and so on. When you're with you're friends you'll be more goofy and less formal. But during various situations even though you might be changing your attitude and behavior, you are not changing your personality.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am White.

In class we had to remember a time when were made aware of either our gender or race.

I remembered back to when I was younger and my family went with family friends to go get pumpkins for Halloween. The family is bi-racial, the mom is white and the dad is from an island near Jamaca, and he's black. The dad, Varo, had a nephew who came to stay with the family while he went to school in Madison. And the nephew came with us to the pumpkin farm.

When we got to the pumpkin farm, there were lots of families and little kids my age,which was around ten years old. The nephew, who had come from a very black populated island, made a joke that he'd never seen so many white people before. It was funny, but I never even took notice. And that was the first and only memorable time that I've had my race made aware to me by another person.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Letters Home

In class we had an assignment to find soldier's letters from three different wars. Most the letters I found were similar, saying that they loved whoever they were writing and that they wish they had more time to write. When we were given the assignment I hadn't even thought of those close to me who were receiving letters.

Two of my close friends had either a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend who'd decided to join the marines. And for the past few months they've only been able to communicate by writing eachother. It suprised me how just writing could bring people closer, to me it seems kind of romantic and if you read the letters they were just that.

Even years later the message people want to give when they're away from their loved ones, in war or training, is that they're safe, they always want more time to write, and most of all they appreciate and love the person they're writing.

Drops of Jupiter

For my cool writing presentation I chose the song "Drops of Jupiter" by Train.

“Drops of Jupiter” is a single off of the band Train’s second album which is titled Drops of Jupiter after the single. It was released in 2001, and went on to win the Grammy for Best Rock Song. It’s hard to categorize it into a narrow genre, because the band brings in elements of country, rock and alternative music.

My first impression of this song is that it’s about a woman who left behind either a friend or a boyfriend that she’d been close with. And the reason she’d left was because she was looking for something better in either her relationship or her life all together. And the man is asking sarcastically “Did Venus blow your mind, was it everything you wanted to find”. And it also hints that it wasn’t all that great with the lines “Did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all faded, And that heaven is overrated.”

Going along with my first impression, but it could also be taken as a separate interpretation. I think that at the end it turns optimistic and into more of a love song than having a bitter tone. Because when she came back to him, back to the “atmosphere”, near the end he says “Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you’re wrong”. And I think that line holds a lot of significance of being there for the girl, even if he didn’t agree with her decision.

I personally make a connection to the song because it’s talking about this girl who wants to explore and see what else is out there. And continually the images of stars are used to represent the unattainable. But unlike the girl I hope to find that there is more out there and even though my loved ones think I’m dreaming beyond what is practical, I hope they’re wrong. So for the most part I relate to the woman in this song.

Heres the link to the song on youtube:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Being Censored

In our free write journal the other day we were asked whether or not we've ever been denied ideas/materials/points of view because of censorship. And I realized that this has happened to me without the word censorship jumping out at me.

When I was younger I always would want to watch movies over at friends’ houses or with my older brother that were rated R. And for a long time my parents denied me permission. I really wasn't concerned that my parents would ever find out so I would always go ahead and watch the movie anyways. Looking back on it now it was probably with good reason that my parents didn't want me to watch these movies, because I'd usually end up scared out of my mind and up all night afraid to go to bed.

Another time I'm being censored from things is on almost a daily basis, the school computers have a lot of sites blocked. And while it's mostly the sites that include games and things that'll keep you off task in the computer lab, there are some that I need for whatever class I'm in. And that’s when the censorship can get the most frustrating.